Recognition and respect of diversity and unity in families and communities.

Children developing an awareness of family and community learn to:

  •    Recognize that there are different types of families.

    Children come to identify and appreciate their own family. They learn to respect the families of others, even when those families do not look or behave like their own. Families can vary by number of people, gender, roles, responsibilities, appearances, etc.

  •    Understand that different families live in different types of homes.

    Children learn that not all families live in homes like their own. Families can live in different places (urban, rural, etc.) and in different types of buildings (apartments/flats, houses, huts, etc.).

  •    Recognize that people in the community have different jobs.

    Children learn and appreciate that different people contribute to their community by doing different types of work (e.g., police officer, teacher, shop owner, bus driver, sanitation worker, doctor, etc.).

  •    Identify and respect different community institutions, organizations, and cultural establishments.

    Children become familiar with different community institutions (e.g., libraries, schools, religious center, etc.), organizations, and establishments and they show respect for the people and cultures associated with them.

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