K-3 SEL Standards (Connecticut)

The Social, Emotional, and Intellectual Habits framework

The Social, Emotional, and Intellectual Habits Framework is a set of state standards for SEL and college and career readiness developed by the Connecticut State Department of Education (CDSE). It focuses on the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to succeed in college, careers, and civic life.

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K-3 SEL Standards…social and intellectual…develop a positive…develop a positive…identify and understand…develop positive…executive functionlogic and reasoningsymbolic representationself-awarenesssense of self as competent…sense of self as a learnercuriosity and initiativecooperation during…identifying and…empathysocial awareness and…responsible decision…conflict resolutionworking memory and…cognitive flexibilityself-regulation of…managing attention and…critical and analytical…applying information to…reasoning and problem…symbolic representationpretend or symbolic play

Breakdown by Domain

Domain Key


Key Features

Context & Culture

  • Acknowledges that children grow and develop at different rates
  • Emphasizes that social and emotional development is influenced by a child’s culture or origin and encourages a culturally competent approach to SEL
  • Encourages schools to partner with parents and caregivers to support SEL beyond the school day

Developmental Perspective

  • Provides a learning progression with developmentally appropriate expectations and behavioral indicators for each grade K-3

Associated Outcomes

  • Notes that social and emotional skills support a general set of abilities that help students succeed in school and life (e.g., social interactions, attention, goal-setting, etc.)

Available Resources

Support Materials

  • Guidelines/best practices for various stakeholders (government, school districts, school leaders, teachers, families, teacher training programs) seeking to integrate SEL into their learning community

Programs & Strategies

  • No programs or strategies provided

Measurement Tools

  • No information or tools provided

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