Explore SEL is an ongoing project. We’re constantly doing new research to expand our database and designing and developing new features for the site.

Where We Started

Explore SEL is a field beset by dilemmas about how to best measure and promote skills. Often different and sometimes conflicting terminology is used to define and describe skills.

Where We Are

We created three visual tools to identify the focus of each framework, show where terms in one framework relate to terms in another framework, and to see where particular skills appear across frameworks. We also compiled an index of framework profiles with data consistently formatted between them for easy comparison and built a thesaurus for SEL terms.

Where We’re Going

In the future, we’ll be adding more frameworks to our data set and improving our measurement tools. We also have planned enhancements to the visualizations and terms thesaurus to make them more useful.

Past Updates

September 2019

  • Add many new frameworks
  • Improvements to the 'compare terms visualization'

February 2019

  • Highlight related terms in the ‘compare terms’visualization on hover.
  • Improved the expanded state of terms in framework tree diagrams to make them more legible and fix some cases where they extended off the screen.
  • Numerous small content updates and style updates to keep the site legible and easy to use.

December 2018

  • Add thumbnail framework tree diagrams to the terms thesaurus to make navigation easier.
  • Add counts of selected items to the ‘compare terms’ visualization to make it easier to find and change selected skills.
  • Add the ability to sort the ‘compare domains’ visualization by relevance in any domain.
  • Add the ability to sort the list of frameworks by each column.