Room to Read Life Skills Education Learning Outcomes

Developed by Room to Read, the Life Skills Education Learning Outcomes framework outlines expected learning outcomes for girls in grades 6-12 receiving life skills education as part of Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program (GEP). Room to Read is a nonprofit organization focused on improving literacy and gender equality in low-income countries. The GEP life skills curriculum is designed to help girls develop the skills and agency to complete school, make informed choices about their lives, and advocate for their futures.

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Room to Read Life Skills…self-awareness: "i am…self-efficacy: "i am…social awareness: "we can…self-competenceexpressing & managing…empathyself-controlcritical thinkingdecision-makingperseverancecommunicationcreative problem-solvingrelationship building

Breakdown by Domain

Domain Key


Key Features

Context & Culture

  • The learning outcomes are tailored to include the skills girls in low-income countries need to respond to gender-specific education and life challenges
  • Emphasizes family, school, and community engagement and support of life skills as important factors in girls’ educational success
  • Program materials and measures tied to the framework are designed to be culturally-sensitive to the target country

Developmental Perspective

  • Provides developmentally appropriate learning outcomes for each skill across three age groups: grades 6-7, grades 8-9, and grades 10-12

Associated Outcomes

  • Randomized control trial of the program in India provided impact data linking participation in life skills programming through Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program with lower dropout rates and higher advancement rates
  • Qualitative data indicates girls who participate in the program become agents of change in their communities, using their leadership skills and sharing what they have learned with others
  • Reports annually on key outcomes for program participants including dropout and advancement rates, pass rates for gatekeeping exams, and enrollment in tertiary education following completion of the program

Available Resources

Support Materials

  • Offers online articles, one-pagers, and personal testimonial videos that summarize the importance and impact of the Girls’ Education Program

Programs & Strategies

  • The framework outlines the expected learning outcomes for a life skills curriculum delivered as part of the Girls’ Education Program
  • Room to Read partners with schools to provide girls and their support networks with life skills education, mentoring, parent training, community engagement, and targeted financial assistance for associated schooling fees

Measurement Tools

  • Currently developing and employing a Life Skills Assessment (LSA) instrument designed to capture changes in girls’ skills, knowledge, and attitudes

Key Publications

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