Character Strengths

The KIPP Character Strengths framework combines the knowledge of teachers and character researchers to outline a set of abilities and attitudes critical to leading an engaged, happy, and successful life. It is used by the Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP), a network of 224 college-preparatory, public charter schools. Pulling from a larger list of 24 widely-accepted character strengths, it focuses on seven that are closely tied to student success and well-being in college and beyond.

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KIPPzestgritoptimismself-controlgratitiudesocial intelligencecuriosity

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Key Features

Context & Culture

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Developmental Perspective

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Associated Outcomes

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Available Resources

Support Materials

  • Offers professional development materials on character and related subjects, including informational videos, courses, and workshop materials
  • Provides articles, FAQs, and practical resources for implementing social and emotional learning and restorative justice practices
  • Includes links to related research

Programs & Strategies

  • Provides Character Lab’s Character Playbooks, which are ready-to-use resources for educators designed to build specific character strengths in students
  • Offers classroom posters for each strength

Measurement Tools

  • Currently piloting the KIPP Character Growth Card, a non-evaluative checklist of behaviors associated with various character strengths designed to facilitate conversations about character among teachers, parents, and students * No Tools Provided

Key Publications

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