Vision of the Haitian Child in Society: Social Emotional Framework

The Vision of the Haitian Child in Society is a social and emotional learning (SEL) framework developed by the University of Notre Dame's Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) Haiti, a coalition of local and international Catholic organizations working to strengthen Catholic education in Haiti. The framework was designed by the Task Force for Socio-Emotional Learning in Haiti, a group of Haitian and international academics and educational leaders from NGOs, universities, and government entities that supports the development and use of SEL in Haitian contexts. The framework focuses on helping individuals learn and apply culturally relevant dispositions and practices to enhance personal growth and civic engagement.

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Vision of the Haitian…sense of selfrelational strengthself-directionself conceptself-awarenessemotional…collaboration/konbitrelationship skillsacceptancecritical thoughtself-managementresilience/persistence

Breakdown by Domain

Domain Key


Key Features

Context & Culture

  • Developed by a task force (with both Haitian and international representation) to be culturally appreciative and to align the purpose and goals of SEL with Haitian values and Haiti's socio-cultural and historical context
  • Grounded in culturally relevant and sustaining pedagogies that promote inclusive learning environments and consider what is culturally important for students, challenge aspects of the culture that are oppressive, and educate students with high expectations and academic rigor

Developmental Perspective

  • Recognizes that the framework does not represent a curriculum or a complete scope and sequence of interventions addressing the various developmental stages, but could be used as a resource for eventually developing such tools
  • No learning progression provided

Associated Outcomes

  • No information provided

Available Resources

Support Materials

  • Framework development partners are in the process of creating an initial set of tools and training materials

Programs & Strategies

  • SEL content and programming for early grades will be piloted in grades 1-3 in Haitian schools in conjunction with a reading intervention

Measurement Tools

  • Developers are in the process of creating a set of assessment tools

Key Publications

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