K-12 SEL Standards (Anchorage)

Social and Emotional Learning: Standards and Benchmarks

The Anchorage School District K-12 SEL Standards and Indicators are a set of social and emotional learning (SEL) standards developed and used by the Anchorage School District (ASD) in Alaska, one of the first districts in the United States to adopt K-12 SEL standards. They focus on what children should know and be able to do in order to be successful at home, at school, in the workplace, and in life. The district is a member of CASEL’s Collaborating Districts Initiative and serves nearly 48,000 students in over 100 schools.

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K-12 SEL Standards…self-awarenessself-managementsocial awarenesssocial managementstudents demonstrate an…students demonstrate…students demonstrate…students have a sense of…students demonstrate…students demonstrate…students use effective…students demonstrate…student demonstrates…students demonstrate…students demonstrate an…students can read social…students use positive…students develop…students demonstrate the…

Breakdown by Domain

Domain Key

  • Cognitive 8%
  • Emotion 25%
  • Social 30%
  • Values 22%
  • Perspectives 4%
  • Identity 11%

Key Features

Context & Culture

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Developmental Perspective

  • Standards include developmentally appropriate indicators for five age groups: early elementary, late elementary, middle school, early high school, and late high school

Associated Outcomes

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Available Resources

Support Materials

  • Parent-focused tips and best practices for reinforcing and building social-emotional skills at home, including recommended reading on social and emotional learning
  • Information on how standards align with employability skills identified as critical to workplace success
  • Archived newsletters designed to share SEL instructional practices, resources, and research with educators

Programs & Strategies

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Measurement Tools

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