Kenya TVET Values and Life Skills (VaLI) Framework

The Values and Life Skills (VaLi) framework is a transferable skills framework developed by the Values and Life Skills (VaLi) Working Group, which is made up of government and non-government policy actors, practitioners, and researchers seeking to collaboratively address the gaps in the integration of values and life skills into formal Technical, Vocational, and Education Training (TVET) in Kenya. Building on the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD)'s Competency Framework and adapted from the Care & Luo (2016) model for transversal skills in the Asia Pacific, the framework focuses on both transferable soft skills and technical/vocational skills required for a holistic approach to formal TVET education in Kenya.

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Kenya TVET Values and Life…valuescitizenshipemployabilitythinkingemotional intelligencelovesocial justicerespectintegrityresponsibilitypeaceresiliencepatriotism regional citizenshipglobal citizenshipunifying global diversityenvironmental…governence and leadershippersonal brandingintrapreneurshipself-managementplanningteamworkethicscritical thinkingcreative thinkinginnovationproblem solvingdecision makingvisioninglearning to learncommunication skillscollaborationnegotiation skillsself-conceptempathypersonal expressionstress managementattitude

Breakdown by Domain

Domain Key


Key Features

Context & Culture

  • Prioritizes values aligned to the Kenya Constitution and the national competence-based education curriculum framework, as well as country-specific needs

Developmental Perspective

  • No information or learning progression provided; however, this component of the framework is under development

Associated Outcomes

  • Cites evidence linking the integration of transferable skills with technical training to positive outcomes like access and retention of employment and other important life outcomes

Available Resources

Support Materials

  • Provides a glossary of term definitions that elaborates on each skill area and in some instances defines observable behaviors

Programs & Strategies

  • Designed to be integrated into a curriculum that will be implemented in Vocational Training Centers across Kenya, but no specific programs or strategies provided

Measurement Tools

  • Developers are able to provide recommended tools to measure transferable skills upon request, but do not provide measures to directly assess specific competencies in framework
  • Collaborative initiative for measurement of framework competencies in East Africa is under development and expected to begin in 2020

Key Publications

  • VaLi working group. (2018). Basic competencies framework glossary. Unpublished internal draft.
  • J. Mugo & L. Maina, personal communication, August 26, 2019.

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